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"Les Valses Invisibles" Album Download

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High quality digital download of my album "Les Valses Invisibles" in WAV & MP3 format.


1. Les Sablons 02:42
2. Comatose 01:41
3. Une Valse Invisible I 01:51
4. Une Valse Invisible II 01:15
5. Les Matins 03:08
6. Les Soirs 03:07
7. Paris Est 03:04

This EP features two brand new tracks and five tracks from its predecessor 'Dear Utopia', reduced to the sweet and intimate sound of an old piano.
Along with the EP, I designed a beautiful sheet music book containing all seven tracks.

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered 2011-2012 by Oskar Schuster.

Artwork by Oskar Schuster.

released April 3, 2012