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Oskar Schuster

Anniversary Collection Deluxe Vinyl Box Set

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3-LP limited edition vinyl box set + digital download.

"It has been ten years since I released my first album, 'Dear Utopia'. To celebrate this anniversary, I created a very special, limited edition vinyl box set. It contains three LPs with a selection of my most essential works and personal favourites from the last ten years as well as a brand new piece - all in all 45 tracks, remastered carefully to sound best on vinyl. Inside the box you'll also find a postcard with artwork and a beautifully designed, hardcover piano sheet music book, hand-signed and numbered, with sheet music for all the piano solo tracks.

It has been my dream to release my music on vinyl for a long time and I'm very happy to finally be able to present you this limited edition box set. I put much love into designing it, together with my wife, Angie Siveria, who is responsible for the wonderful artwork."

Includes digital download of all 45 tracks in high quality WAV and MP3 format.


LP 1 (Sneeuwland):

01 Fjarlægur
02 Valse Imaginaire
03 Valtameri
04 Sneeuwland
05 Vleurgat
06 Marlene
07 Les Sablons
08 Les Îles Féroé
09 Dinan
10 Wunder
11 Lumehelves (feat. Possimiste)
12 Koma Aftur
13 Hjem

LP 2:

01 Les Sablons (piano solo version)
02 Comatose (piano solo version)
03 Les Soirs (piano solo version)
04 Paris Est
05 Matilda (piano solo version)
06 Paris Montparnasse
07 Hannahs Traum
08 Elaine
09 Singur
10 Gizeh
11 Tristane
12 Eleonora
13 Isobel
14 Elixía
15 Maribel
16 Fryderyk

LP 3:

01 Les Soirs
02 Conte
03 Svefngengill
04 Draumur
05 Pause (La Nuit)
06 La Souvenance
07 Ioana
08 Bucharest
09 Damascus
10 Matilda
11 Märchen
12 Xorkia
13 Thysbe
14 Arkhangelsk
15 Madagascar
16 Miramis

The sheet music book contains all tracks from LP 2.